I started making phone straps when I realized that half of the clothes I was wearing didn’t have pockets.

On top of that, I have 2 stairs at home which often means going up and down, mostly with many things in my hands. So between two projects I just started to make my own strap.

and so I started to make straps for others! 

By the way, the strap can be use on a camera, a bag, a clutch or other accessories.

Straps made on order

Would you like to own a strap?
Or offer a strap to someone, that’s possible.You can pre-order a strap for 65€.

Please, send me a message to check what I have in stock.

The straps are made from different threads of cotton and wool.
Sometimes I am adding beads and sequins, sometimes I don’t.

None of the straps are the same,the lenght varies from 100-125cm. All of them are 100% hand-embroidered in my atelier in Schiedam, Nederland.

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