I started making phone straps when I realized that half of the clothes I was wearing didn’t have pockets.

On top of that, I have 2 stairs at home which often means going up and down, mostly with many things in my hands. So between two projects I just started to make my own strap.

and so I started to make straps for others! 

By the way, the strap can be use on a camera, a bag, a clutch or other accessories.

Straps made on order

Would you like to own a strap?
Or offer a strap to someone, that’s possible.You can pre-order a strap for 65€.

Please, send me a message to check what I have in stock.

The straps are made from different threads of cotton and wol.
Sometimes I am adding beads and sequins, sometimes I don’t.

None of the straps are the same,the lenght varies from 110-125cm. All of them are 100% hand-embroidered in my atelier in Schiedam, Nederland.

Upside Down

Upside Down is embroidered on teal blue linnen with pink and orange threads.  

The diameter’s artwork is 21cm.

Commisioned Artwork

I work as well on commision. 
How does it work? 
A custom artwork is an original embroidery piece that is made especially for you. Together we establish what you want. Think of typography, colors, size, format, details...

Once everything is set, I plan the production and depending on the size of the artwork and my running schedule, it can take from 3 weeks to 6 months before delivering an artwork. Keep in mind that every stitches are hand-made, which is very time consuming.

Octavia (1987) is grafisch ontwerper, illustrator en beeldend kunstenaar.

Sinds 2020, werkt Octavia als borduurde. Haar borduurwerk, waarin haar achtergrond als grafisch ontwerper samenkomt in een wereld vol kleuren, structuren en minuscule details.

Steekje voor steekje laat zij een fantastisch samenspel ontstaan tussen typografie en de beeldende technieken van het borduren. Zij onderzoekt in haar werk wat de mogelijkheden zijn van het medium en probeert de grenzen van het borduren steeds te verleggen voor zichzelf. Hierdoor ontstaan complexe en levendige composities.


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